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QUIT  CHANGING THE SUBJECT!  This is not about the topic committee, this is  
about inclusion in debate.  The resolution that "overturns Roe vs.  Wade"  has 
the potential for more harm than good.  What will this do  to inclusion, how 
will I explain this to novices????? 

Are you kidding me???
Suppressing discussion of arguably the most important legal topic this  
quarter century can only do more harm than good.  How can you debate about  the 
Court and NOT debate about Roe?
Plus, your inclusion arguments cut both ways -- including ground for  
OPPOSITION to overturning Roe seems to suggest that a great deal of space will  be 
open for inclusion.  Of course, this doesn't mention the obvious  critical Affs 
that might be run to "overturn Roe."
This just seems silly to me -- if you're right that activism occurs in  
debate and "debate is real world," then you should be able to muster up  
progressive forces to engage these sorts of arguments IN THE DEBATE about  overturning 
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