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Mike Kearney kearney.debate
Mon Apr 10 14:42:43 CDT 2006

Two things. First, as the former/current student topic representative I had
the privilege of experiencing the topic selection process first hand. I
think it is unfair and na?ve to attack the committee without attempting to
use the forum it provides to first influence decisions. While there are
several people writing topic papers and researching different potential
affirmative cases, it is unfortunate that the community-at-large's
participation is so pathetic. There are literally hundreds of posts on
edebate that bash the process but only a couple dozen of people who really
try to be a part of it. And these two dozen people have the impossible task
of pleasing everyone without really ever getting thanked. It is not fair to
have such grandiose threats and accusations just because it is easiest to
post on edebate. Personally, I'd like to thank Steve Mancuso for giving us a
reasonable topic to debate year after year. I'm of the opinion that if a
topic could even be produced without Mancuso's organization, it would not
nearly be nearly as researched, fair, or educational.

Second, where does the line stop? In a very persuasive and applicable
article by Chenxing Pan it seems that the China topic was offensive because
it demanded the defense of a policy from a positivist, homogenizing
literature base. Should we have not debated China policy because of its
identity problems? I mean, in an ironical sense, it was only through
researching the issue that most of us became aware of this flaw. Likewise,
we can better address the issue of abortion through debate and research.
Clearly the "left" could use some help on the pro-choice debate because
states are increasing restrictions and the threat to overturn Roe v. Wade is
increasing monthly. I don't understand why an issue that is part of such a
heated debate at every level of politics cannot be debated by this
community. Like Paul said if the issue is so indefensible, and I believe it
is, then the case will rightfully lose. There's a reason why wipeout and
spark are not, on the whole, successful.
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