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Mon Apr 10 18:14:54 CDT 2006

I agree with Kathryn.  
Debate is supposed to foster critical thinking, research, and other skills,  
centered around an issue of contemporary controversy.  Given that, what  
immediately comes to mind as a possible topic for debate?  Along with the  death 
penalty, euthenasia, and now immigration reform, abortion is at the top of  the 
No wonder abortion is so widely discussed in argumentation classes and  
contemporary controversy classes.  I wonder what U of I says when your  classes 
discuss abortion as a controversial topic?  And, you mean to  suggest that your 
political science classes never talk about abortion, or Roe v.  Wade?
To Tim and others trying to rebuild programs (oh, wait, that includes  me!):  
It doesn't surprise me that China was a hardsell on departments and  
administrators.  It would surprise me if a legal topic that includes  abortion would 
be a problem.  Quite the opposite.  Abortion, while  being a political 
lightning rod, is also an obvious pedagogical lightning rod to  teach critical 
thinking.  For small and growing debate programs, we can  actually use this legal 
topic to get more  support, not less.  I'd love to chat with folks who are 
interested in ways  we can do this.
That's all for now....
Illinois State
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kathrynrubino at gmail.com writes:

First of all the topic is never going to be "Abortion: what up with  that?" 
at best/worst it will be a portion of the topic that deals with the  Supreme 
Court's role in the development of policies related to some of the  most 
relevant social issues of our day.  I think this is exactly what the  general public 
thinks of when they think of debate.  
Also if your administration doesn't support debate about the US's foreign  
policy with China (one of the most important issues in international  relations) 
and they don't want to see debate about some of the social issues  that seem 
to be tearing at this country (see the last election and all of the  blue 
states/red states rhetoric) I guess I have to ask what _do_ they want to  see? 

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