[eDebate] Roe v. Wade - program issues

lesicko at macalester.edu lesicko
Mon Apr 10 20:30:41 CDT 2006

  Speculation sans evidence.  I think....___ is likely.  An explanation as to the beliefs is another _____,

  Been there and done that. Once upon a time when I coached at Texas,  we actually used the abortion topic for a public debate that attracted the high roller whose name was attached to the prize and his rich friends.  

   Gave them a damn good debate and we got a 1000% increase in the scholarship budget and a doubling of the travel budget.  That's right a thousand percent increase in the scholarship budget. And 100% in in the travel budget.
    If you do an abortion debate right, it is a work of art.  That you can't see the art is telling far too much about your talent and very little about the issue.

    And disrespecting an audience that would like to see a good debate on the issue.  

    Most Americans would like to see the twists and turns that develop when one plays with the best of Judith Jarivs Thompson's examples and her critics.  It is a new way of thinking about the issue.

    I don't know if you are grad student or a full professor, but you don't know a damn thing about using topics to build support for your program.  If you can't turn a serious debate about abortion into a fund-raiser for your program, your rhetorical sensitivity isn't really up to the demands of trying to resurrecte a program that Joe Wenzel once ran.  

     Selling this topic is not a difficult job.  Those who think it is tough might reconsider their interest in the profession and their gifts at rhetoric.  If you can't beat a poli sci prof who thinks a topic focused on Roe v. Wade is inherently evil, you are in the wrong professsion. Grab a copy of "On Liberty" and work on shoving it up[ said prof's anal pore.

     Campus politics isn't a class because it isn't that damn complicated.  Divide the group into hypocrites and assholes and decide which will give you the majority.

      Move them around with your words to  create a majority.

     Dick Lesicko, Director of Forensics
     Macalester College




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