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Tue Apr 11 10:27:06 CDT 2006

Here's a piece of what I just posted:

Israel Pastrana, a fantastic, hard-working, brilliant, economically 
disadvantaged student, transferred to Oregon on the promise of being able to 
finish a policy debate career there. Instead of holding out one more year so 
Israel could finish his career as promised, he was placed on the sacrificial 
altar. I think that's incredibly sad, and I can't imagine ANY reason why 
holding out for another year would be infeasible. If he's as cool as Paul 
and Aaron say he is (and I happen to know he is), were he my student, I 
would find the damn money and resources to help him out. Even if I were a 
busy grad student (which, I promise you, is no worse than being a busy 
director, teacher, and parent).

I think it would be more reasonable, honorable, and ethical for Aaron and 
Paul to make sure Israel gets to finish his debate career. That's what I 
would do if I decided to "cut" one or the other halves of our program. I 
would say: You folks doing xxx type of debate will be the last of your kind 
here, we will let you finish the careers you've worked so hard to build, but 
we won't keep recruiting on this side.

But of course it's not my place to make that suggestion or criticism, is it? 
I only get to passively read Aaron's statement and either publicly affirm it 
or keep my mouth shut. That's the kind of logic the folks in the beltway 
really love these days.

Oh and by the way, if either Aaron or Paul judge my character or friendship 
with them based on whether I roll over and lick their nether regions 
publicly, that would be pretty sad. I think they know better than that. And 
if anyone else wants to take issue with my tone, they can kiss my ass. This 
shit is important to me.

Aaron and Paul: Pull up your goddam britches and let Israel finish his 
policy debate career at Oregon. Stop being wussies and do the right thing.


>From: "Peter Campbell" <odell.campbell at gmail.com>
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>Subject: [eDebate] Policy at the University of Oregon - *those 
>concernedabout retention of programs should read*
>Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 22:30:01 -0700
>I know Israel has a couple of posts about this - I don't know if any of you
>who are concerned about the apparent death of policy at U of O are curious
>as to why the coaching staff did not announce this themselves on edebate.
>The reason (apparently) is because neither of them are familiar with 
>- consequently, the announcement was made by Oregon's parli coach, Aaron
>Donaldson, on net-benefits, the parli listserve.  I thought what he and 
>Hood have say by way of explanation should be available to the policy
>community as well.  If anyone is interested, or would like to respond to 
>Oregon coaching staff, the thread can be found found here:
>If you want to respond, I believe you don't need to create an account.  If
>you do, it is pretty easy.
>Peter Campbell
>University of Puget Sound

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