[eDebate] Policy at the University of Oregon

Joseph Carver carrolltondebate
Tue Apr 11 10:34:35 CDT 2006

I hope that someone will cross post this for me since I have no interest is
reading Parli emails but this idea that Aaron and Paul or Dr Frank are
overburdened grad students and directors is LAUGHABLE. Justin Racette ran
the Oregon policy program while in Law School. He never whined like you
two.  Heck, Matt Stannard has run a Parli/IE? policy program with minimal
assistance for almost a decade. Jim Hanson's coaching staff is the same size
as Oregons. And here is an idea; If it is too much work to do the job, don't
take it. When Paul was hired I know for a FACT that keeping policy was an
important part of that decision.  Taking a job and then sand bagging the
part that requires some work is the weakest of moves.

Joe Carver
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