[eDebate] High School Civil Rights Topic Vs. College Executive Power Topic

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Tue Apr 11 11:16:00 CDT 2006

I will take a stab at this but I am sure people like Herndon or DHeidt will
be far more articulate should they take up the cause

On 4/11/06, Dutcher, Michael <DUTCHERM at cua.edu> wrote:
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> How has this topic played out? What types of Affirmatives are people
> running?
Somewhat predictable affirmatives on the topic. Korematsu has been a  fairly
successful affirmative as have immigration affs - some dealing with asylum
processing. Advantages range has been pretty narrow- deference, racism,
leadership etc.
The Guantanamo discussion has been the pink elephant in the room since it
has not been the core discussion. The challenge of finding a definitive
literature defense has made the affirmative scope more narrow and , I think,
is why few teams have successfully argued Gtmo directly. There are some
reform FISA affs as well as some limiting of polygraph testing in the DOE as
means of accessing larger impacts.

I know with peacekeeping, the topic became somewhat secondary and teams were
> running things like give subs to a country. What happened this year?
We debated agents. All year.... I have deliberately avoided judging high
school debates this year but I think that half of the ones I observed,
Presidential Powers with an Executive Order Net benefit was the 2NR. See
above for explanation of why.
The one positive of the topic was I HAVE heard some in depth advantage
debates. I think that the slim solvency deficits that were evident with the
agent cps forced teams to whittle away at advantages and , as a result, we
got to hear some pretty interesting case debates too.

Joseph Carver

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