[eDebate] Have we all decided it will be the courts topic???

helwich at macalester.edu helwich
Tue Apr 11 12:26:24 CDT 2006

We (meaning Mac) have not decided.

Other than the obvious (potential) "overlap with the HS topic" DA, I sorta like the idea of a Presidential Powers topic--it's timely, there is a good-sized lit base, and it addresses very important domestic and foreign policy issues. Gordon Stables et al. make a good case in the topic paper.

I am curious to hear the impressions of folks who debated the CIC topic--I was on the "other side" of the fence then, debating two miserable CEDA resolutions (media and criminal punishment, if memory serves). Are agent debates the core of the topic area, as they seem to be in the (too) many HS debates I've judged this season? Is there a relatively authoritative list that enumerates "executive powers," "executive authority, "commander in chief powers," etc?



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