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Rob Eback robeback00
Tue Apr 11 21:28:45 CDT 2006

Talking about this more will only piss me off further, but none the less
here's a rant.

For lack of more sophisticated words, I know I got fucked and I can't change
that.  But I do want to echo the sentiments raised on this issue of
notifying alternates. Why did Miami get invited? Why not Vanderbilt (2nd
alternate out of D6 -- easily within driving distance) get to go or any of
the 2nd round at-large bid teams?  I realize the so-called "rules" dictate
who gets to make this decision, but why is there such a hard-on to not have
bye's at the NDT? OH MY GOD, it's such a special tournament it has to be
like no other normal season tournament where we've learned how to deal with
having a bye. Yes, I know (not from experience) the NDT has 3 judges per
prelim which would require more than averaging the speaker points for a
team, but W.T.F., mate?  No offense to Miami's team here, is giving a team 3
ballots to the team that gets the bye really going to affect the outcome of
the tournament more drastically than having X random fill in team?

You can dismiss this as another West Georgia (ex-)debater ranting about
implicit conspiracy theory or realize that the system needs some fixing. I'm

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