[eDebate] Hey, wait a sec (Rob Eback and Jason Derby do the job)

Donald Bryson anabaptist
Wed Apr 12 00:50:31 CDT 2006

I've got to echo this sentiment.  No one who agrees with West Georgia is knocking Miami of Ohio at all.  Someone obviously felt that they were good enough to qualify for the NDT.


Here is how I see it:


  1.. District 6 had a set number of district bids and this district did not get them.
    1.. A2: D6 already has a ton of teams at the NDT - this argument is purely defensive.  
a. So what?!  We obviously had enough schools in the district to warrant our number of bids.

b. The number of 1st round bids received by D6 (4 of the 16, or 1/4) would lead one to believe that this district is a difficult district to compete in and any team that qualifies at districts would be qualified to compete at the NDT, even the alternate.

    2.. A2: It was within the bounds of the rules
a. The rules go in order a, b, then c; not a,c, then b or any other random order.  That order should be followed.

b. West Georgia already had another team going to the NDT so it isn't like it would have been inconvenient for them to suddenly make travel plans.

    B. Now there are two guys down in Carrollton, GA (at least one is out of eligibility; not sure about Derby) who were perfectly capable of debating at the NDT and did not.  Both guys started     as novices and when they finally got to the top level of debate, they got screwed.  I don't like this very much considering I started as a novice myself.  Novices start out behind in the game and we feel like we get screwed a lot.  Getting screwed out of an NDT spot is huge.  It's an honor just to go.


It kind of chafed me when I found out about this situation.  These two guys have a legitimate claim to a bid, they were not contacted and should have been.


These are just my thoughts not necessarily those of Piedmont College Debate.



Donald Bryson
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