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Jason Derby db8stuff
Wed Apr 12 01:12:30 CDT 2006

I first want to thank everyone who contacted us regarding this issue. I got
an email from John Fritch regarding this issue eailer today.  Below is the
email that he sent me.  While I do not agree with the decesion that he
ulitimatly made I do understand that he made the best decesion he could
given the information that he had available.  There was no underhanded shady
backroom deal or any other such questionable action.  I am grateful to all
of you who have emailed your thoughts about this.

Now that this issue has been resolved I would ask those of you who read this
to throw your support behind Israel and the other debaters at the U of O who
are now facing having their program shutdown.  Despite several offers of
assistance from the debate community rit large the administrators at UofO
refuse to help the policy debate students compete in any capacity.  I will
address more of this later in another post on the listserve

Thanks again,


rom John Fritch:
 The rules are correct, of course.  The challenge is that there is a time
frame in which the Director must make a choice about when it is reasonable
to attempt to contact the alternate.

I found out about the withdrawal of the team approximately 15 minutes before
the beginning of the Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday.  Given that a
"bye" at the NDT is not an option, I decided that I needed to have a team in
place as rapidly as possible.  (The replacement of teams affects judging
commitments which affects strike sheets).  I decided that I did not have
time to contact the District Representative to see who the alternate was,
contact the director of that program, and have that team in place.

Typically, the Director of the NDT asks the host to provide a "stand-by"
team for the tournament.  I did so this year.  Northwestern was prepared to
step in for the spot.  However, I was concerned about the Northwestern
having a fourth team.  Deatherage was willing.  I expressed concern about
four Northwestern teams, and I believe that Steve Mancuse overheard that
conversation and offered his team.  The understanding with the Miami team
was that they were not one of the 78 qualifying teams.  Had an additional
team dropped from the tournament, their participation in the tournament
would have ended.


On 4/11/06, James Churchill Thomas <jthomas1 at my.westga.edu> wrote:
> Don't want this issue to get lost in the sea of Oregon and Roe emails
> (both of which are worthwhile discussions, well not the Roe one,
> everyone should know that switch-side debate is good, right?)
> The correct alternate team to participate at the NDT was NOT CONTACTED
> about participating. NO ATTEMPT MADE.
> http://www.ndtceda.com/archives/200604/0236.html
> Not accusing anyone of anything, not pointing fingers, not officially
> representing UWG in any capacity by bringing this up, just hoping that
> the official word from the NDT committee on this issue can be made
> public so that future 1st alternate teams can sleep easily.
> jt
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