[eDebate] Oregon debate

matt stannard stannardmatt
Wed Apr 12 10:40:51 CDT 2006

Aaron Donaldson's latest private response to me has convinced me that the 
only effects of my aggressive approach has been a circling of the proverbial 
wagons among the coaching/administrative staff at Oregon.  Aaron assured me 
in that response that he would listen to other people who disagreed with 
their decision, just not me.  It remains to be seen whether that promise to 
listen (whatever that means) will be fulfilled, but as I do not want to 
jeopardize anyone's future anymore than I apparently already have, I will 
stop attacking the decision.

I will merely reiterate that the University of Wyoming, and I personally, 
will do everything possible to help the policy debaters at the U of O.

I do not respect the decision made and I will not pretend to.  But this is a 
fight better waged by alumni and former coaches of UO rather than rude 
people like myself.


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