[eDebate] Final Thoughts on Roe

Sarah Snider snider.sj
Wed Apr 12 11:44:56 CDT 2006

Why is it ok for us to talk about the opression of peoples in other nations,
of different colors, and of those who are subjugated on the res here in the
US, but not ok to talk about abortion?

For years I have felt that privileged women in the debate community continue
to privilege their plight over the plights of others (this is why I hate
sexist language K's and the like because it posits the plight of a woman in
an already privileged situation over that of others who do not have the same

As if it is too hard for me to talk about personal experiences that have to
do with choice, so I should just talk about someone else's opression that I
don't know and will never know, use their opression to win at this game
because how dare the game decide to talk about something that personally
affects me.

Once again we've decided that the plight of women in debate is more in need
of protection from the community than the plight of "others" who are not
represented in our community or who are literally invisible in this
discussion about the topic.

Nobody claimed that it was too personal to talk about sexual orientation on
the T7 topic, and we spent a year INCREASING FEDERAL CONTROL throughout
Indian Country, we've pressured and developed other nations, we have claimed
that other cultural practices are "morally wrong" casting our privileged
gaze upon them for years.

Yes it gets personal, but there is no justifiable reason why when it comes
to talking about something that affects us (as pro-choice women in the
community) for the community to protect us from having this conversation.

Of course it is hard and painful to debate the personal when you are
blatantly not objective about it. Ede has shown us and in a very public way
demonstrated that it is HARD to put yourself out on the line like that, but
that does not mean that we should not lay it out on the table in a debate
for everyone to see. Conviction does not come easily.

While I feel the pain of what the Nicole's are saying, and I know other
women who agree with them Marissa Silber is so right that the same people
calling for inclusion of the personal in debate are the ones who are
claiming that this is too personal to debate........you are demanding too
much of this community!

How is the community to draw the line- its ok to talk about opression as
long as its not mine?????

I'm willing to put myself on the line in order to say that my personal
experience is not in greater need of protection than any other form of
opression we talk about all the time.

Let us debate Roe.

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