[eDebate] Oregon debate

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Apr 12 12:16:53 CDT 2006

So i have been thinking about this alot recently and i guess i wonder why
even bother going through those at oregon who would rather not do policy,
lets just circumvent their decison and support the oregon debaters DESPITE
the decison to cut them...Now i know you are saying uh sure andy but how do
we do that those kids arent super rich and cant afford to just foot the
bill...probably the case, but maybe we can set up a paypal account for them
and donate little bits here and there, entry fees can be waived, frequent
flyer miles can be allocated etc...Really in the ned of the day my arguments
is to hell with the administartion and coaching staff at oregon lets show
them that as a community we will not allow them to abuse their studnets and
that we will not allow them to make this decison...hell i really think we
should support the emeregence of an alternative structure at oregon that
shows what we as a community can do to directors who make this decison....i
believe that far to frequently we simply throw our hands up and say well the
driectors decided that i guess we are stuck!!! I don't think thats a very
good way to enage what is and has been a war against our community....when
people declare war on your community mutual aid, self defense, and
alternative structures of providing the services nessecary seem a good
response, i don't know the oregon decison makers, but i dont need to to know
that their shortsightedness should not limit our creativity...
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