[eDebate] [CEDA-L] CEDA Dues - We payed twice!

Kelly McDonald Kelly.McDonald
Wed Apr 12 12:21:31 CDT 2006

Jeff Jarman and I are still trying to find a record of your payment per our conversation at registration.
If you have any institutional record of payment - check, etc. - you could fax to me or jeff we can get it recorded.
Call your purchasing off and see if the check was cashed?  If not, it is likely sitting somewhere.  They can also tell you where it was mailed too.
Otherwise, if you paid through the afa site at the outset of the year, there should be a detailed invoice that was used to pay. Please attach that with the payment confirmation (check, PO, etc) and you can fax to me 480-965-4291.


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I was wondering who I would contact about double checking the payment of our CEDA Dues.

Apperantly we paid by check in early march, and was also asked to pay again at CEDA Nats.

Who should I talk too?  The university has no problem of not reimbursing my money until I find an answer.
(suprise huh)



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