[eDebate] 'Roe' and What I am NOT trying to do. . .

Matt Cormack mattedebate
Wed Apr 12 20:05:11 CDT 2006

Nicole <nicole.colston at gmail.com> wrote:
    2)The following is the worst thing I have read so far, from Marissa- "People who have had an abortion don't necessarily have to talk about it - like I said the debates within this community should hopefully be a lot more high-tech than that."  
  What good is a debate about abortion law if people who have had abortions can't access the debate??? Shouldn't the resolution provide safety as well as ground??  Also, when does this community stop priveleging technique over humanity? 
  Just to clarify
  I don't want to speak for Marissa but I think this is a misinterpretation of what she is saying.  She isn't saying those who have had an abortion are excluded from debating, but IF abortion is raised in a particular debate there are inventions of the debate community (the PIC) that avoid it from becomming the central question of the debate.  The term high-tech doesn't mean they can't be in the debate, to the contrary it means they can control the direction of the debate on the aff (choosing a case) or on the neg (cp, K, even T).


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