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Heh..yea I don't know many of the reasons why bidirectionality is bad.  I know all the reasons it's OK...I remember trying to get a "change" foreign policy topic for the Africa topic area on the list with Ede. I generally think you can't pick both directions simultaneously, but I do think the aff should get to choose a direction of choice. I debated bidirectional topics in high school all the time...immigration and the "change foreign policy towards the PRC"...neither of those were catastrophic. The seven different topic areas on the Europe topic were definitely much more difficult to handle than any bidirectional topic.  I don't know where the bogeymen are either, Sarah.

Sarah Snider <snider.sj at gmail.com> wrote:  How dare I ask this question, but when was the last time we had a bidirectional topic, and why are we so afraid of them? 

It's been so long since we've even considered it that I forgot all the arguments. 


  On 4/13/06, FijiPapabear at aol.com <FijiPapabear at aol.com> wrote:       Any chance we have a death match survivor style series match to determine this since E-Debate has obviously failed?  
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