[eDebate] Balancing Conviction and Discovery and Forced Choice

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Apr 13 17:29:08 CDT 2006


You still around? Should you be able to have input in policy debate after you
caved in like a punk and walked away from the activity? ( I am pissed that you
gave up on CEDA like you did)  To put that aside for a moment.

Here's the solution for you and Jackie:

"Resolved: ______________(insert your personal belief system here)."

Yes, this fulfills the pedagogical goals ofacademic debate. Yes, every
affirmative will be able to argue "I feel X------and if you disagree you are an
asshole, homophobe, nazi, racist, bastard---that is, unless any of these terms
personally offend you."

Personally, I would love this topic. My teams would have about two tubs of
generic files to carry around. A good nihlism K. We would be good to go. Even
better, we would just PIC your plan, if you have one, and run a politics disad.
Man, you and Jackie are really on to something. You and Jackie are doing a great
service to policy debate.


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