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Alyse Kraus alyse.kraus
Fri Apr 14 14:02:59 CDT 2006


I coached and judged all of last year. I think that qualifies me as being
"in debate". And I think Scott's question was an important one. I asked you
this same question last year after you denounce the China topic as being
exclusionary, bad for debate, etc.

So, as someone in debate, let me ask:

What do you think the topic area should be and, as a subquestion, what do
you think the resolution should be?

If you're going to stick with you're "elliot doesn't post post because he
doesn't have a team" resolution then I'd like a defense of the possible and
aff and neg ground on such a resolution.

And while we're on the topic of exclusionary resolutions, isn't your claim
that just because someone might not be coaching debaters or debating anymore
their opinions aren't valid a bit exclusionary? Is this really the sort of
community you're trying to cultivate? It seems like your vision of debate
might be just as insular if not moreso than the policy debate you criticize.
When did the debate community become so self-righteous as to deem all those
who don't coach or debate unworthy of offering their thoughts on our

Just some questions I'd like to see you answer...

- Alyse
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