[eDebate] Reconnecting debate to the academy-topics that reflectthe literature

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Fri Apr 14 14:25:17 CDT 2006


While I believe we should have debates about what debate should look

Bill is now my hero:

"Instead, I think that the alternative needs to be to stop apologizing for
debate and being embarrased by it.  Debate, as practiced in the CEDA/NDT
community helps to produce great students who go on to produce great work
outside and after debate is over in government, outside of government, in
business, in opposition to business, in education and in research.  If we as
individual programs and as a community learn how to sell ourselves for the
"end product" of debate and stop in-fighting we can do a great deal for
ourselves and our communities.  The movement to enhance participation and
representation among previously underrepresented communities (ethnically and
racially) is another strong development in the value of debate as
empowerment and as a progenitor of civic minded activists."

Incredibly well stated,

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