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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Fri Apr 14 18:39:16 CDT 2006


I just wanted to quickly comment on this....if only to clarify what I
meant....I think the first thing we ought do is embrace and feel comfortable
being an advocate for what we do.  I also think we can improve what we do in
many ways - many of which Dr. Warner speaks eloquently about.  My realy
point was that we ought not start from an emotional place like "oh my God,
what happens if administrators ever see what it is that we do."

In no way does this mean I think study would be a bad idea at all.

Dr. Warner also says the following:

>  7)  Josh, the argument that we must persuade the larger community before
> change can occur is equally true of the community relative to the non-debate
> community.  Perhaps more positive advocacy can persuade more colleges and
> universities to support debate.  Perhaps they just don't agree with the
> community's claims.  But the point remains:  until they come on board, we
> are more vunerable than if we are not.  Frankly, it is unclear if Newnam
> concludes that debate programs are better off outside of academic units, he
> certainly seems to imply that.  I'll take the other position:  the future
> health of debate requires a stronger connection to academic units.

I actually agree that there is a huge disconnect between debate linked to
academics and debate as practiced in its most strategic forms.  I also agree
that connection to Academic Units is critical as well.  I just think we
should find a place inside ourselves where we feel comfortable ACADEMICALLY
defending the value of what we do.

I dont really think we are disagreeing too much this time,

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