[eDebate] Irony in Jackie's remarks--still can't give us the alt

Quals Needed quals.needed
Fri Apr 14 19:18:04 CDT 2006

>Its Dr. Elliott if you are going to use anything other than Scott. A Ph.D.
>Comm. Theory, a sting working on the Yeltsin political campaigns, a J.D.
>one of the toughest law schools in the country, and
>being a tenured professor already--I think I have earned the title. But I
>prefer simply Scott. Mr. Elliott always seems to bother me. ["Hey asshole"
>"you evil bastard" seem to fit pretty well too]

a tenured professor and a J.D./Ph.D., now those are some quals!
for my curiousity, what is one of the toughest law schools in the country?
and did you really pull off a sting operation with yeltsin? what oligarch
did you shake down?
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