[eDebate] Irony in Jackie's remarks--still can't give us the alt

matt stannard stannardmatt
Fri Apr 14 21:05:33 CDT 2006

How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot!
With his features of clerical cut.
And his brow so grim
And his mouth so prim
And his conversation, so nicely
Restricted to What Precisely
And If and Perhaps and But . . .
How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot!
(Whether his mouth be open or shut.)**

Dr. Elliot is...

>a tenured professor already--

who believes, unreflectively, that...

>the "masses" tend to be rather ignorant and unengaged.

and claims to...

>have dealt with
>the teeming masses.

as if the rest of us have not.  But thankfully, he...

>turned down two debate coaching jobs this week

(one can imagine him deciding that some students who want to join the debate 
team are too close to "the teeming masses," so thank goodness he won't be 
making those kinds of decisions!)

but thankfully for him, he'll stay on the "outside" because...

>money on the
>outside is too good.

well drop me a c-note sometime, o great judger of the masses, whose 
conversation is so nicely
restricted to what precisely...  ;)


**"Mr. Eliot" by TS Eliot, March 6, 1950
(but rather descriptive of Dr. Elliot, don't you think?)

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