[eDebate] Even more mutual

Raja Gaddipati rajdebate
Sun Apr 16 20:58:21 CDT 2006

> The solution is to allow judge preference selections to be
> differentiated based on which side of the resolution a participant will
> be on and who their opponent will be.
> Examples:
> 1) I may rank a judge 5 when I'm aff, but 1 when I'm neg.
> 2) I might rank a judge 1 in general but 8 if I'm debating against team Y.
> 3) I might rank a judge 1 if I'm debating team Y on the neg, but 8 if
> I'm debating against team Y on the aff.
> By allowing consideration of side and opponent the judge placement
> system can do a much better job of placing actually mutually preferred
> judges in particular debates.

Otherwise known as the GStables Mutually Preferred Judge Placement System.


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