[eDebate] Courts Topic?

Joe Patrice joepatrice
Mon Apr 17 14:10:33 CDT 2006

In response to Hester's post which itself was a response to the Sarah and
Dallas posts, I can only speak as one member of the topic committee, but
right now I'm looking into First Amendment cases and preparing some
background material for the committee on Supreme Court cases that could
support a topic.  From my perspective, if Courts won and we included
possible resolutions on the First Amendment I would encourage a ballot that
included one wording listing 4-6 individual cases (or lines of cases) and
one wording in the vein of the topic Dallas proposed calling for an
overruling of one or more decisions that expanded First Amendment rights.  I
think the literature would support good debates on both topics and I'd want
to leave it to the voters as to whether they prefer having the list the
committee comes up with or a debate on an area of case law as opposed to
defined cases.  People have strong feelings both for and against lists and I
think both should be on the ballot.  Anyway that's the philosophy I'll

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