[eDebate] And the Elephant In the Corner Is...

Brian M. Smith Brian.M.Smith
Mon Apr 17 19:47:21 CDT 2006

I'd like to echo the previous postings regarding reduced costs, with more emphasis on trophies.  Maybe I'll come off as a spoiled brat here, but I have always thought trophy's were the most egregious example of unneccessary expense.  Stannard suggests a switch to cheaper versions of the awards we give out now.  Thats certainly one take and preserves the award form with less cost.  
I would prefer tournaments switch to unconventional awards.  They are almost universally cheaper and way more fun for both the recipient and the rest of the bored audience at the banquet.  For example, last year the Heart gave out candy (it was valentines day) and despite having grotesquely sized baskets for the late elims trophies I was told they saved lots of money.  At Texas this year the speaker awards were not only personalized (and I do love my American flag), but way way cheaper than a wooden plaque.  The other thing both these tournaments did was give out university gift store items (mugs, flasks, t-shirts, etc).  I dont know if these are cheap or not, but its another way to go.
Another idea in this regard is to make awards into strict monetary transfers.  This can go in a number of directions besides the obvious cold hard cash.  Gifts to a charity, even refunds on entry fees (some may say this smacks of elitism, paying the winners back --- you could also give the recipient the option to give the money to another squad in need).

maybe my perspective is skewed (and spoiled) because one more plaque or certificate is not very meaningful to me (and it might be more meaningful to someone who was winning it for the first time), but I figured I'd at least put it out there.  A debate office full of tarnished silver from the 80's suggests to me that we put too much money into trophies that will quickly be discarded.


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