[eDebate] And the Elephant In the Corner Is...

Ken DeLaughder kenedebate
Tue Apr 18 00:37:53 CDT 2006

Cost seems a good reason to revamp the points system to focus on regional 
circuits.  Most regional tournaments in D III are NOT held at mega hotels 
(we get the best rates we can, WSU is a model at 49 per night - with a damn 
refrigerator!).  Some schools like Missouri state do NOT stay at mega hotels 
for a variety of reaons... here is a way to implement some of Eber's 

A CONSORTIUM - if everyone knew the travel schedule in advance, we could 
call mid level hotels and negotiate group rates for 5-6 squads at once, they 
might give us a break.  We could have mini blocks that are NOT at the 
tournament hotel, and coordinate things that way.  If tournaments keep 
booking expensive hotels... let's do it outselves.

Pair this with regional circuits, and you might start eating away at the 
costs, and this could be implemented right away.  I can't speak for ESU, but 
if I were still there, I'd think long and hard.

Every year it gets harder to fight for our budget as more people come into 
the process.  Debate does a good job at ESU of dodging bullets, but you 
know, one year we are going to get bushwhacked if costs keep escalating.

We are actually over the state recommended max for hotels almost every time 
we travel.  I'm not sure we can continue to attend some tournament with 
hotel costs like they are.

Especially when we keep destroying those hotels.

My heart goes out to my friend Malcolm, I'm thinkin for ya buddy... I'll let 
you know if I come up with anything.

Ken D.
Emporia State

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