[eDebate] And the Elephant In the Corner Is...

Dallas Perkins dperkins
Tue Apr 18 09:12:02 CDT 2006

I'll weigh in with a few observations that suggest staying in the downtown

I acknowledge that staying on the perimeter will save $40 to $90 per team
per tournament, depending on how many people put in each hotel room.  Is
it worth it?

Maybe not.  First, the costs are progressively distributed.  Schools that
can afford to put only 2 or 3 students in a room will pay more, while
schools who choose to put 4 students in each room will only pay the
minimum increase.  Those who can afford the extra costs pay most of them,
and the schools who are strapped for cash will be able to economize and
keep their extra costs low.

Second, there are costs of staying on the perimeter.  Fifteen minutes of
commute time is not trivial.  That is half an hour per day, per person, an
hour of lost sleep or work over the course of two days.  For two debaters
and one judge staying four-to-a-room, that's $13 per hour.  This assumes
we still have elims in the hotel--the Monday morning commute would be much
slower, parking much more difficult, etc.

There are also money costs.  We have managed to minimize our car rental
expenses by moving the ev from the airport in a minivan, putting debaters
on MARTA, and making a couple of shuttle runs in the morning.  If we move
to a perimeter hotel, we will certainly spend more on gas at $3 a gallon,
and might well have to rent an additional vehicle.

Overall, I think it's worth it to stay downtown.


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