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I am also interested.  I've been brainstorming cost-cutting measures for our tournament, and although I think our hotel rate is relatively reasonable for the area, it is a bit high and with parking, it becomes somewhat exhorbinant.  There are a few cheaper hotels in the area, and I think those choices are listed in the invitation (if not, I will add them back in).  But, one of the BIGGEST expenses for me as a director is the tournaments where we have to pay for plane tickets AND a rental car for the weekend, often a large, expensive rental car.  
  So, when I worked with the UDL, we were able to get busses (albeit school busses) for round trips to local tournaments for about $300/day.  Now, if that cost were split between participants (busses usually fit about 50 people), it would be $6-10 to transport one person to and from the tournament each day - a $30/person charge for three days.  I figure for 7 people, that is $210 for the weekend - if you can get a 7 passenger vehicle with room for tubs for $210 for the weekend, please tell me where!!!  And then you have to add the cost of overnight parking.  I obviously would have to get commitment for the busses ahead of time and the cost would be included in your fees.
  There is plenty of food within walking distance of the hotel, we serve breakfast and lunch on campus (and it isn't really convenient to go anywhere to eat during the tournament anyways) - it would save teams a car rental (you could definitely get a shuttle to the hotel cheaper than a rental car for the weekend, or we could try to arrange some organized pickups at the airport for the cost of gas) and the overnight parking charge at the hotel.  
  I also found out last year that I can get a discount at Enterprise rental car as a "conference" host - but the Enterprise is the one close to the hotel.  I don't know if I can transfer that to the airport Enterprise or not, but I can check on that this year.  It isn't a huge discount and some of you may already have better corporate/school discounts, but I guess its worth checking into.
  So, if people are interested in these options (the bus option AND/OR conference discount on rental car option), please let me know.  I think the rental car savings could be signficant for a lot of you.  I remember this being used back in the day when GSL was huge...not sure if anyone else has tried it, and I don't even know if people would be interested, but let me know via backchannel and I will check into the cost.

"Dr. Joe Bellon" <debate.gsu at gmail.com> wrote:
  I am actually very interested in the community's opinion on this whole
matter. We have been trying to hold costs down at our tournament, and
we've succeeded in keeping entry fees low (for a national tournament,
anyway). However, it is obvious that the hotel issue is a much larger
one in terms of overall cost. Any downtown hotel we choose in Atlanta
will have the virtue of being close to the campus and various eating
options. It will also be nearly $100 a night (before taxes and other
fees) and will require you to pay for parking. If we locate the
tournament hotel closer to the perimeter, we may be able to get room
rates down to $80 a night with no parking fee. The down side is that
you'll have to drive 15 minutes to campus and there won't be food
within walking distance.

We could probably drop hotel costs another $10 a night if we went to a
model where elim rounds are on campus AND the tournament hotel is
further away. However, it is worth noting that even at GSU (where
rooms are plentiful), we would have to pay the university to find
elim-round-worthy rooms that we could keep late enough in the evening
to hold 5 elims in one day. Classrooms are in use on Monday, so we'd
end up using rooms we get charged for. That cost would then have to be
passed on to the community in the form of higher entry fees.

I'm working on a hotel contract this week, so please let me know your thoughts.

Dr. Joe Bellon
Director of Debate
Georgia State University

On 4/18/06, Dallas Perkins wrote:
> I agree with what Eric says. I just want to add that I am apparently
> incorrect about West Georgia holding elims in the hotel. This may be
> dependent on the tournament being held on MLK Weekend, but it's working.
> dp
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