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Steinberg, David L dave
Tue Apr 18 12:59:38 CDT 2006

At The University of Miami, we are fortunate to have a wonderful School
of Communication building with a Courtyard, perfect for public events.
Our Dean has established this as a free speech zone (his name, the
Common Ground), and we have invested in staging, seating, lighting and
so forth to facilitate a constant stream of events.  Some have been
televised via campus cable, and streamed on line.  Impromptu events have
also occurred, including a march in support of the Custodial worker's
strike for union representation which began here.  We have held 2 public
debates so far, and will be doing many more.  Thankfully, we have a
staff member assigned to event setup and related duties.  


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I am involved in negotiations w/ mu university to establish (create) a
space on
campus (outdoors) that can be used as a public address zone.  We want
for both formal (pre-arranged and scheduled) events and impromptu

I am having trouble visualizing what it should look like.

Do any of you have such a place on your campus?  Do you know any links
that I
might be able to show administrators?


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