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Morris, Eric R EricMorris
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It could be sweet, but it also has the risk of abuse. A lot of our
school's controversy with the "free speech zone" is the implication that
controversial speech should be LIMITED to that zone. 

I also know of a case where students protesting a president visiting
campus were relegated to the "free speech zone" (temporarily
constructed), which was designed to be out of sight and not visible to
media coverage. They were functionally detained in that zone until the
president left, under threat of arrest. Security removed all posters,
etc., as people entered the secure area, and then handed out campaign
signs for the president instead. 

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no, but--that is a sweet idea.  if you get any examples--please share


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>I am involved in negotiations w/ mu university to establish (create) a
space on
>campus (outdoors) that can be used as a public address zone.  We want
>for both formal (pre-arranged and scheduled) events and impromptu
>I am having trouble visualizing what it should look like.
>Do any of you have such a place on your campus?  Do you know any links
that I
>might be able to show administrators?
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