[eDebate] Scouting & the 2 Worker rule.

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Wed Apr 19 22:45:07 CDT 2006

Two issues: Scouting and the "NDT Worker" rule.

1. SCOUTING: We don't have enough.

The scouting directors are tasked with scouting the most important 
tournament of the year with a set of people they have never worked with 
before, many of  whom are inexperienced at their task.

This is *not* the Wake Forest Tournament where we have a unified set of 
individuals who'se job is to scout debates (after keeping rooms intact, 
tracking down judges, helping teams & their tubs to their rounds, starting 
debates, making sure coffee is made, cleaning up messes...)

The NDT scouts *do* have obligations to their individual squads. Once the 
system is seen as imperfect, squads begin making their own scouting 

Solution: Accountable scout assignment.

Each team shows up with with a scout obligated for 4 rounds (Plus one round 
beyond their squads participation.) (Yes, you could overwork your regular 
judges for this purpose.) (District 'volunteerism' didn't work well at 
Northwestern--Hopes were that it would, since travel to Northwestern was 
cheaper.) Each scout is required to show up to their assigned rounds. (With 
penalties -- like "your squads caselist password dies if your scout doesn't 
get a report in on schedule." I know its another giant hassle for the 
scouting directors, but it may be the easiest remedy we have.) My intuition 
is to trust the scouting directors with their assignments once they have 
figured out who does the best possible scouting for each debate given the 
constraints they have.

"Official scout" badges: They seem a little silly, but they would help. 
Oftentimes, I was at a loss as to who to lend assistance to with scouting: 
I felt like I could make a contribution, but arriving 30 seconds before a 
debate began (entirely my fault,) I didn't feel it appropriate to run 
around yelling "who is the assigned scout???" In the situations that I did 
arrive in time to figure out who the 'Official scout' was, I felt like I 
could get the other scouts to cooperate with them to collect the necessary 
& relevant information (Otherwise, the usual 'feeding frenzy' took place, 
with the official scout perhaps winding up at the end of the line.)

I know: It is not fair for small squads to have to fly/house/feed an extra 
person to the tournament. Maybe cooperative arrangements could be made: 
Many larger squads who bring extra undergrads could balance the educational 
and competitive benefit they get from an extra person at the tournament and 
balance those costs with needier squads (Like -- We're bringing this person 
anyway, you pay for 2 rounds of scouting by covering half the observer 
rate.) Maybe some fees could be reduced for those scouting (if possible, 
given catering constraints.) Maybe there are some other ways we can make 
the system work better.

2. "NDT WORKERS:" There is no enforcement for this rule. If y'all want it 
enforced, it should be amended. [Personally, I'm just concerned with how we 
will comply with the spirit of the rule, but there is a loophole.]

The rule stats "The Chair of the NDT committee will publicize violations..."

But, there is *no* provision that states "anyone who 'researches and/or 
writes any arguments during the tournament' who is *not* designated as an 
"NDT Worker" is in violation of the rule."

Hence, any school using un-designated "NDT Workers" is *not* in violation 
of the rule.

No malice, no violation, no punishment, no publication...

--JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

>SUB F: Miscellaneous Regulations
>Add sub 9  NDT Workers
>a.       At tournament registration, schools must identify, by name, the
>individuals who will be designated as their NDT Workers.  An "NDT
>Worker" is defined as a person who is not a competitor in the tournament
>and who researches and/or writes any arguments during the tournament,
>including evenings.
>b.      Undergraduates. A school may designate any number of
>undergraduate NDT Workers provided they:
>(1)   meet the academic certification requirements for debaters at the
>NDT as outlined in Standing Rule II(A)(1)(g);
>(2)   are enrolled at the school for which they will work;
>(3)   have participated in 15 rounds of tournament competition for that
>school by March 10 immediately preceding the NDT.
>c.       Non-undergraduates. A school may designate up to 2
>non-undergraduates as NDT Workers.  These individuals must come from the 
>judge pool. Persons who meet the qualifications for judging, or who meet 
>the qualifications
>except the 12 round requirement, must be available to judge a minimum of 
>four preliminary
>rounds of  debate.  The names of those not meeting the 12 round requirement
>will appear on a supplemental judge preference sheet.  The names of
>those meeting the minimum round requirement will appear on the regular
>judge preference sheet.
>d.      Other individuals who provide scouting or significant coaching
>to any team participating in the NDT should be required to enter the
>judging pool on a supplemental strike sheet for at least four debates
>or, if it is more appropriate, provide a significant equivalent
>contribution to the tournament as defined by the tournament host.
>d. The Chair of the NDT committee will publicize violations of this
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