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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Apr 19 23:57:54 CDT 2006

Could we put scouts on the pairing?

that way the person starting the round would know who was supposed to be

and directors would know when the scounts they claimed was assigned

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> lacyjp at wfu.edu writes:
> the reason I think that scouts stop working for the system is their
> directors, or whoever is in charge of their scouting, loses confidence in
> the scouting system (not surprising, given that the scouting directors have
> to get a bunch of HS kids to really scout big time college debates.)
>  70% of the best, most comprehensive scouting that has been collected at
> the NDT over the past two years has been done by the HS students that Jenny
> has brought with her to the tournament.
> Burshteyn may have been the first HS scout, and he was almost the last :),
> but ever since then the HS students that have contributed information have
> done an amazing job.
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