[eDebate] The 2 Worker rule.

Jean-Paul Lacy lacyjp
Thu Apr 20 01:18:52 CDT 2006

Since most of y'all replies have been about the uncontroversial scouting 
section of my post,

Here's the 2nd half:

At 11:45 PM 4/19/2006, Jean-Paul Lacy wrote:
>"NDT WORKERS:" There is no enforcement for this rule. If y'all want it
>enforced, it should be amended. [Personally, I'm just concerned with how we
>will comply with the spirit of the rule, but there is a loophole.]
>The rule stats "The Chair of the NDT committee will publicize violations..."
>But, there is *no* provision that states "anyone who 'researches and/or
>writes any arguments during the tournament' who is *not* designated as an
>"NDT Worker" is in violation of the rule."
>Hence, any school using un-designated "NDT Workers" is *not* in violation
>of the rule.
>No malice, no violation, no punishment, no publication...
>--JP Lacy
>lacyjp at wfu.edu

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