[eDebate] Kansas City Star article and Phi Rho Pi

Bob db8coach
Fri Apr 21 03:01:53 CDT 2006

I am very glad that the KC Star also included Kansas City Kansas Community College in their article. After CEDA Nats, it seems that most of the country thinks debate is over for the year. Last week the Community College Nationals took place in KC, Mo.

Terri Easley has already posted the results of that tournament and I thank her for that. 

KCKCC had one of the most impressive showings (if not THE most impressive showings) at any national tournament ever. I want to congratulate Darren (Chief) Elliott on an incredible season and an even more incredible tournament.

I would also like to thank some of the Ks. and Mo. debaters for doing a great job judging at Phi Rho Pi. Malcom Gordon is a loon, but he can dance, and was also a trooper with a ballot. And I can promise you, Malgor, I ain't voting for that crap.....Bryce Dietrick always seems to be on the wrong side of the 2-1s, but he definitely knows when to pull the trigger on intrinsicness perms. Maybe next year we can get at least one other to do the same. Culp is a hell of a judge, but he needs to learn some new moves on the dance floor. All he knows is the 1NC shuffle. Todd Jordan is... well, he is tall. Beyond that, he also sat behind a lot of ballots last week, and we appreciate every one of them. Paul Bellinger needs to stay out of those Parli rounds. That stuff will rot your brain to the point that you will actually tell judges that you don't want the ballot.....  Oops, sorry. It was good to see you and Todd Graham again. And to all the others who came out and judged for us.... Thank You. You made it possible for our tournament to use MPJ. Thanks for caring about the Community College folks

And a HUGE shout out to Chief, Skippy, and especially Adrian for taking such good care of us for a week. It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without your friendship.

Terri, save me a dance next year.... You rock....

Deandre - You were right, Gates rules.

See you all next year,

Bob Lechtreck

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