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Veronica Barreto veronica_m_barreto
Thu Apr 20 08:42:35 CDT 2006

I'm not saying that coaches or staff should impose curfews or tell grown college students when to get to bed.  I was just exploring the idea of what the tournament experience would be like if the tournament hotel was not wired.  We talk about reforms to limit researchers and research at tournaments, folks point out that organizational reforms have no teeth because the hotel makes it unenforceable or that people will work at home and email it to participants, but if the participants did not have access to research or researching capabilities, these would not be enforcement concerns.  It seems counterintuitive that the same committee that passed reforms to limit research is bent on finding facilities with appropriate internet access that would allow loopholes in reforms.
  I didn't debate in the world of wireless. Some, very few people, had laptops but it was by no means a standard for participation. In fact, when laptops where used in rounds, it would create a clusterfuck, particularly when there was evidence involved -- there were no jump drives, and even if there were, I had no laptop and was terrible maneuvering a touchpad. I often sit in rounds where I'm the only one who pulls out my slab and chisel to flow (as modern as I get is flowing with my page vertical instead of landscape), so I realize I'm behind the times on a lot of these questions. But part of me is still ol' school on this question -- if ya ain't ready when ya get on the plane, then you're not gonna be ready. 
  Does anyone honestly believe that the AP uniqueness evidence from 5 hours ago when Lexis reset itself is better or more indicative of political trends than the AFP uniqueness from the day before? Certainly we're more sophisticated than that. Certainly we realize that the better warranted evidence should be preferred. I mean, we are argumentative strategists and expert researchers right? we do know how the media functions, right? we do know that the information for both of those reports is the same, right? if something new broke that was on CNN the night before, certainly that would be admissible as an analytic counterpoint and carry some weight, right? we do know that when cases are broken you can usually counterplan something out or find a way it links to some K or it's untopical, right? 
  We often criticize the culture we create -- how it hurts the quality of our lives and the lives of our students, how it widens resource gaps among squads, how it chases program out of the activity, etc. Yet in discussions, even discussions that acknowledge these issues, we're still willing not only  to continue to press for the technological infrastructure that perpetuates the culture, but in fact, prioritize it and hold it out as some prerequisite for our accomodations.  Heavens forbid the hotel or the university host not secure internet access!   
  Just seems counterintuitive to me, but I'm getting old for this activity.

Jean-Paul Lacy <lacyjp at wfu.edu> wrote:
>Imagine a world where instead of 4 people getting up to their hotel room 
>to furiously rush to their laptops and get started on updates those 4 
>people talked to each other, socialized, decompressed, watched a movie, 
>took a long hot shower, SLEPT. Doesn't this do more to create a sense of 
>participation in the experience and a sense of community than retiring to 
>our rooms and becoming cogs in the research machine? Wouldn't that make 
>for happier people at 11 PM...better yet...wouldn't that make for happier 
>people at 7 AM?

Veronica --

I agree with almost everything you say except this.

I mean, we play a game. One of the hardest games ever. To me, the best game 

True, you can play the game at it best without having to hit the box until 
alfer 11:00 pm every night. But for even those that do, don't you want 
their best?

I've woken up late at 6:30 in the morning to see a debater researching 
since 5:45 am...who am I to tell them to get back to sleep?

--JP Lacy 

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