[eDebate] The 2 Worker rule.

William Newnam wnewnam
Thu Apr 20 09:22:50 CDT 2006

> It is not a loophole, but it is the case that the judges you bring are 
> free to coach/judge in any capacity.

This is a very important comment.  I have been under the impression that the 
rule meant that only two people could coach in the capacity of "researching 
and writing arguments."  I assume that Kevin was at the meeting where this 
rule was passed and has a better understanding than those of us not on the 
NDT committee.

Could their be some official interpretation to claify.  I thought from any 
give pool of coaches and judges that up to two people were allowed to cut 
cards and write arguments.

What has concerned me is that coaches other than those two designated can 
write any ideas down for their students, edit or write counterplan texts, 
copy and paste something from a website, mark something they read in the 
paper in the morning and hand it to their students.  This interpretation, 
that "the judges you bring are free to coach/judge in any capacity" is very 

could we have an official interpretation/response to this?

bill n

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