[eDebate] The Luphole Amendment

Kuswa, Kevin kkuswa
Thu Apr 20 10:33:14 CDT 2006

I belive Eber is right about this.  My interpreation (also derived from
sending this intrepretation to the committee for feedback and not
receiving a reply) is that the rule does not speak to judges in any way.
The people you bring to judge your rounds are free to
coach/research--they just have to judge at least 4 rounds.

This does bring up the larger point about 3rd teams at the NDT--arguably
a bigger cause of disproportionate advantage (that can be corrected)
than extra coaches.  


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Thanks to Jon Paul for the "Luphole" Amendment. 

I think Kevin is right--the new rule that passed DOES NOT limit workers
two. It merely requires that schools make their workers judge or scout
that they tell the NDT who their workers are.

Mancuso's proposal *on its own* would have limited workers to two.
the Lupo proposal--which was tacked onto the end as section
nullifies the hard cap provision because it allows "other" individuals
coach in whatever way they see fit as long as they are a judge or scout.

This is obviously not outcome that some on the Committee were hoping
but I'm not the first one to accuse this attempt of clumsiness.

If I am wrong, please explain to me why the following scenario is not
entirely legitimate:

Suppose that BIGSCHOOL has 3 teams at the 2007 NDT.
They designate two non-undergraduate NDT workers who judge four rounds
They bring seven other judges who judge four rounds each. 
Nine total judges are there to cover the 36 round commitment.
All nine cut cards, two as "NDT Workers" and seven as "other individuals
provide scouting or significant coaching".


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JP--I think there is as much enforcement as there is for any of the
Part of the idea is to encourage teams to "declare" the people they have
back at the hotel cutting cards and get those folks in the judge pool.  
It is not a loophole, but it is the case that the judges you bring are
to coach/judge in any capacity.  If each of your three judges covers the
minimum number of rounds (4), and your two declared workers each judge
minimum (4), one team at NDT can still bring five "coach-types" (as I
understand it).  You would be providing extra rounds in that case (and
could still bring an official scout and some eligible undergrads to
but that is a good thing.
Thus, there is no need for your kritiky language loop-hole argument
(especially without an alternative).  

>SUB F: Miscellaneous Regulations
>Add sub 9  NDT Workers
>a.       At tournament registration, schools must identify, by name,
>individuals who will be designated as their NDT Workers.  An "NDT 
>Worker" is defined as a person who is not a competitor in the 
>tournament and who researches and/or writes any arguments during the 
>tournament, including evenings.
>b.      Undergraduates. A school may designate any number of
>undergraduate NDT Workers provided they:
>(1)   meet the academic certification requirements for debaters at the
>NDT as outlined in Standing Rule II(A)(1)(g);
>(2)   are enrolled at the school for which they will work;
>(3)   have participated in 15 rounds of tournament competition for that
>school by March 10 immediately preceding the NDT.
>c.       Non-undergraduates. A school may designate up to 2
>non-undergraduates as NDT Workers.  These individuals must come from 
>the tournament's
>judge pool. Persons who meet the qualifications for judging, or who 
>meet the qualifications
>except the 12 round requirement, must be available to judge a minimum 
>of four preliminary rounds of  debate.  The names of those not meeting 
>the 12 round requirement will appear on a supplemental judge preference

>sheet.  The names of those meeting the minimum round requirement will 
>appear on the regular judge preference sheet.
>d.      Other individuals who provide scouting or significant coaching
>to any team participating in the NDT should be required to enter the 
>judging pool on a supplemental strike sheet for at least four debates 
>or, if it is more appropriate, provide a significant equivalent 
>contribution to the tournament as defined by the tournament host.
>d. The Chair of the NDT committee will publicize violations of this 

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