[eDebate] Worker Rule

Burk, Christopher R crb012000
Thu Apr 20 14:50:25 CDT 2006

Next time anyone outside of UTD wants to speak for our program, DON'T!  I've been following this discussion but remained silent on eDebate until now. But this type of 'Speaking-for-others' needs to cease:

"My rough estimate is that the rule, based on the 2006 NDT would have benefitted: Baylor, Binghamton, Boston College, Case Western, Catholic, Central Oklahoma, Concordia, Cal State Fullerton, Denver, Georgia State, Gonzaga, Idaho State, James Madison, Kentucky, Liberty,
Macalaster, Mary Washington, Miami, Michigan, Missouri Kansas City, North Texas, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Redlands, Richmond, Rochester, Samford, Southern California, Texas-Dallas, Trinity, Vermont, West Georgia, Wichita State and Wyoming. There may be others that should be on this list.

I'm not saying that every person from every school on this list supports the rule. Clearly some don't. Just as there are people, like Joel Rollins, Dave Arnette and Scott Deatherage (more on him later) who have supported the rule even though it presumably runs against the self-interest of their programs."

We at UTD will decide for ourselves what we believe about the rule. We at UTD will decide if it might benefit our program. We will decide if and when to offer our opinion(s) about it. We at UTD will decide if and when to comply with the rule. 

So, here is my early opinion: I do not believe this rule will solve. This magical number of '2' still has not been explained. I find it offensive to all 'third' coaches who would be cut from the legit worker staff. I also do not believe that the rule can be enforced. And I don't believe it will made a damn bit of difference in the NDT results. Many others noticed of these problems immediately and mentioned all of these concerns in posts at the beginning of the month. Many others have argued against the rule since then. I echo their concerns. I'll always decide if and when to speak for myself.

Chris Burk
Director of Debate
University of Texas at Dallas 

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