[eDebate] Repeal the worker rule

Dallas Perkins dperkins
Fri Apr 21 04:24:42 CDT 2006

I think Matt Stannard makes a very compelling case for repeal, with six
very good arguments nobody, on this list or at the NDT Committee meeting,
has been able to answer.

I just want to reiterate two things Matt did not mention in his otherwise
exhaustive treatment of the situation.

First is what I call the "Anjali Vats Argument."  I thought Anjali was
very eloquent in talking about what it means to people like herself to go
to the NDT and work on behalf of a team, how it keeps her connected to the
activity.  She was also right on in suggesting that people like her will
sometimes get left at home if they can't work at the tournament.  This is
bad for the NDT and bad for debate.

Second is enforceability.  Matt is such a community-spirited guy that he
will never think ill of his colleagues, so he doesn't say what everybody
knows:  this rule cannot be meaningfully enforced, it does not have wide
community support, and people are going to cheat, or at least fudge.
Compliance will be penalized and noncompliance rewarded.  This is a bad
way to structure a game.  Scott Harris was dead right with his observation
about parenting and its relevance here:  don't make rules you can't or
won't enforce.


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