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Congrats.  I actually watch that show sometimes.  [although honestly 
every episode seems the same, maybe you can fix that]


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   Hey all - Sorry for the shameless plug and gratuitous posting.  I
could make an argument that this is mildly debate related (commander
in chief - show about a president - policy somethingerother), but I'll
spare you.

Anyhoo, for those with free TiVo space, I recommend giving the "thumbs
up" to a groundbreaking episode of Commander In Chief, this Thursday
at 10 (ABC).

Why groundbreaking, you ask?  Because, within the first 10 minutes,
for the first time in the history of network television, the words
"Alex" and "Berger" will appear ? in succession, mind you ? just
underneath the words "written by."  (And just seconds after the words:
"guest starring: the dad from 90210.")

At 10:10, you can switch back to your regular viewing of "Aqui y
Ahora" on Univision.

Hope all are well,

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