[eDebate] Topic Formulations - Whats your method?

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Tue Apr 25 19:18:04 CDT 2006


I've never been directly involved in the topic process.  I am the student 
rep, so my goal is to get as much input as possible from as many regions as 
possible (once the topic area is announced).  I will voice my opinion, but I 
have talked to several student reps from the past and they all indicated 
that students almost never give significant input to their representative.  
Now, I know it seems as though I am sidestepping the issue, but this is the 
best way I could think of.  Given the affs Andy and I ran on the China 
topic, it may scare people if I start voicing my own opinions about what 
constitutes fair and acceptable ground for the neg/aff.  Once the topic is 
announced, I am going to post asking for opinions, and I would greatly 
appreciate if all regions would provide substantial input on what they look 
for in a topic. now, if I receive no input I will default to my own 

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