[eDebate] Save theinternet!!

John Sullivan john
Wed Apr 26 11:08:25 CDT 2006

"Phil Kerpen" <pgk at philkerpen.com> writes:

>> Net neutrality would be a disaster. 
> In the article, Phil Kerpen also writes: 
> "Believers in net neutrality are using apocalyptic rhetoric," 
> Fighting fire with fire and such.  Real life is not a critique debate.

I must be in the wrong room then.

But setting yourself on fire is not fighting fire with fire.

I would think that a free marketeer like yourself would find an industry to
defend that actually bears some resemblance to the free market. To resist new
regulations that may be necessary to correct problems with an industry that was
created by government investment and is already heavily managed by government
regulations because you want to pursue a utopia in which business is eventually
unregulated _is_ to treat real life like a (bad) critique debate. 

-John Sullivan
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