[eDebate] A call to lower entry fees

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Thu Apr 27 14:33:24 CDT 2006

This is a key moment for many programs.  We will support Matt's request (and other goals) with the following fee structure for WVU's JV/Novice Nationals:
1.  Free entry for all teams from any program that hosts a tournament in 2006-07 with fees of less than $50 per team (I have visions of someone charging $49.95).
2.  Free entry for all teams from any program that supports the Towson initiative by entering at least two teams in at least three of the Towson tournaments.
3.  Free entry for all teams from any program that is in its first or second year.
4.  In other cases, entry (which will cover light breakfasts and more substantial lunches on both Saturday and Sunday, snacks throughout the day on both of those days, a light lunch on Monday at the hotel either before or after quarters, the return of the famed pottery awards to all outround teams as well as the top 20 speakers in each division, some other awards, and rental costs for the hotel conference space for outrounds) will be $90 per team with normal judging coverage (3.5 rounds per team for the 7 round tournament).
5.  However, even there, you will have an out.  If you don't qualify for any of the above fee waivers, you can still get your fees waived by offering extra judging.  If you offer 6 rounds of qualified judging (means people who have judged at least 12 rounds during the year) per team (instead of 3.5), we will waive your fees.  More directly, we will buy extra judging for the tournament at the rate of $35 per round.  We are doing this to increase the quality of the pool, to give you better preferences, and to allow you a way to trade labor for capital (at a very generous rate).

We will not, however, be able to flatten our campus, no matter how much extra judging you offer.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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  I am asking each and every tournament host to lower their entry fees this 
  coming season.

  You can begin small and painlessly if you like: Lower them by $10 per 
  competitor, or $20 per team.

  If every policy tournament we attended lowered their entry fees by $20 per 
  team this year, we would save $900 based on last year's attendance figures.  
  Since we will have more teams next year, I imagine it would be closer to 
  $1000, which is a substantial percentage of our budget.

  Fuel prices, hotel prices, food prices, are all going up and we can't 
  control that.  We CAN make it easier for a majority of programs to keep 
  coming to our tournaments.

  Host a free tournament if you can.  Move to cheaper hotels if you can.  But 
  lower your entry fees $10 or $20...that's something practically everyone can 



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