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I actually backchanneled the person about it immediately and he was at a school that did CEDA before it became unfeasible and that is why he got involved in LD.  I told him I would be following along and would like to get "behind the scenes" reviews of the experiences he was having with it because I think this might be the wave of the future. It will be interesting to see how it works and is certainly worth considering for programs that can't afford to send students and for students who can't afford two weeks off of work/summer school.

Zompetti at aol.com wrote:
    Look at what the NFA Lincoln-Douglas community is doing this summer.....I wonder if this is feasible for NDT/CEDA???
  If you are planning on participating in NFA-LD in the 2006-2007 school
year, I urge you to visit www.debatecooperative.net!  This is a
growing online community that among other things, specializes in the
discussion of NFA-LD issues.

This summer, debatecooperative.net is sponsoring the first ever NFA-LD
online debate camp.  The website will host lectures on debate theory,
strategy and issues relating to next year's topic.  Additionally,
there will be an evidence sharing program to help smaller programs get
more research to start the year.  We also hope to host materials and
lecture notes from several of the camps offering NFA-LD instruction
this summer like the Wyoming Debate Cooperative, World Debate
Institute and the Kansas Wesleyan University Camp.

I would urge all NFA-LD schools to sign up for free accounts at
debatecooperative.net and participate in the discussions there.  For a
direct link to an information page about the Online Camp, go here:

I hope everyone is having a great summer, for some of you debaters out
there, hopefully this will make it a little better!

John Boyer
Co-Administrator, Online Debate Cooperative
Lafayette College
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