[eDebate] CEDA Topic/Summer Meeting Info.

Darren Elliott delliott
Fri Apr 28 01:52:29 CDT 2006

Apparently the work I've done with these people, their turnover in front desk employees, and my word to insist they avoid these problems isn't good enough.  Stay where you'd like.  That's the beauty of capitalism.  Choice is good.  You have choices.


>>> "Martin Harris" <mharris02 at drury.edu> 04/26/06 9:06 PM >>>

>1. Microtel Inn and Suites (This has served as the KCKCC Tournament Hotel for 4 years now. This >past year there were some problems with room availability, check-in, etc. The hotel has worked >with me diligently the last 2 weeks to ensure these problems do not repeat. I will get a daily >rooming list to make sure this process is error-free to the best of my ability. They understand >the issues last time and worked to correct them. This includes them honoring a great rate for >the KC area for this event.) 

With all due respect, it is their "great" rates that seem to be the core of their problem.  Maybe the reason the rates are so great is because they DOUBLE book their rooms?  And by double book I don't mean overbook, I mean they put truckers in your room during the day.  All three days we stayed there we came back to rooms with keys that didn't work.  Two of the three days our stuff was moved out of the room.  None of the three days was any "cleaning" service provided.  Meaning they left the same bedding on, and slept 5 different people in the room.  Tasty.  Did they cancel their trucking contract?  Because I don't understand what they could have "done" to have fixed that problem.  Promised not to do it again?  Having stayed in this "fine" KC establishment, all I got to say is you get what you pay for.  These people's m.o. seem to be cycle all the traffic they can through the place making empty promises as they go along making up in volume for their extremely SUBPAR service.  

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