[eDebate] Evazon and TF Call for Authors

Phil Kerpen kerpen
Tue Aug 1 23:13:14 CDT 2006

If you are looking to pick up some extra cash Evazon is a great 
opportunity.  Once you are an approved author you are able to post any 
files you write for sale at any price you set, with the majority of the 
money going to you.  We handle all of the promotion and fulfillment.  To 
become an author, just go to:


You must be logged in to a Cross-X.com account to fill out the author 
application.  If you don't have one you can use the register link on that 
page to create one.  Once you are logged in, an application link will be 

I am also looking for Thursday File authors for this season.  The Thursday 
File is a premier politics update service with a large built-in audience 
of subscribers, making these files the bestsellers on the site.  TF 
authors are assigned in advance for specific weeks.  Please let me know if 
you are interested.  I will be selective.

Thanks a lot!

Phil Kerpen
Cell: 202.285.9714 // Fax and Voicemail: 202.478.0343

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