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Alfred Snider alfred.snider
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You really know that debate is global because even while it is summer in 
the northern hemisphere things keep happening!

The Global Debate Blog is at
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This blog is an easy and convenient way to keep up with news and events 
from the world of debate. It also offers a steady stream of debate 
related videoblogs. Finally, there is free and legal music that is not 
about debate but is fun.

Next week look for news about debate workshops starting and finishing. 
Also, I leave for two weeks in Asia on August 11, so tune in for news 
from there!

If you are anywhere in the world at an interesting debate event, send me 
a brief story and a photo or so. You write and I will do the boring 
work. I am trying to share the stories that are not currently being 
shared. alfred.snider at uvm.edu is my email address.

Here is what is new at

GLOBAL DEBATE BLOG:  Let us know about your events...
_Date            Title _
July 13           Australia Wins World Schools
July 14           Venezuela Debate Workshop #2
July 17           Debate Workshop in East Malaysia
July 19           IDEA Essay Contest Winners Announced
July 19           London Debate Challenge
July 19           Tekma-National Debate TV Program in Slovenia Expanded
July 23            USA National Policy Debate Topic Announced
July 23            Australasian Intervarsity Debate Championship
July 23            International Debate Academy in Slovenia - Nov. 2006
July 23            International Conference, Koper Slovenia - Nov. 2006
July 25            British Parliamentary Debate Workshop in Singapore
July 25            Follow IDEA Youth Forum on their New Blog
July 26            USA Coaches and Debaters Hold Free Workshop in Korea
July 26            Korea vs. Slovakia for KPD World Title
July 27            Korea WIns Karl Popper World Championship in Romania
July 30            World Schools Full Results Available
July 31            Americans at Korean Debate Workshop
July 31            USA NFA-LD Topic Announced
July 31            Montenegro Hosts Tournament
August 2         Middle School Public Debate Program
August 2         Note of Encouragement

For a complete list, go to

VIDEOBLOG:  These videos look good on full-screen, watch with iTunes, 
send us yours...
_Date            Title _
July 14            University of Illinois Debate Video
July 16            Parli Debate - Speaker Duties - Steve Woods
July 16            Parli Debate - Format Variations - John Meany
July 21            CEDA Policy Debate National Final 2004
July 30            Teachers Stage Sample Classroom Debate

For a complete list, go to

RADIO: Full commercial free radio programs available for legal download....
_Date            Title _
July 21            College of Musical Knowledge 1986-04-09 Action Packed 
War Comic
July 21            College of Musical Knowledge 1986-10-29 Halloween 
July 21            College of Musical Knowledge 1987-01-28 Or Is It?
July 22            Reggae Lunch 1997-05-01 Macka B
July 22            Reggae Lunch 1987-11-08 Big Heapin' Pile
July 30            Reggae Lunch 1987-09-00 Third World Salute

For a complete list, go to

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