[eDebate] New Tournament Hotels???

Piero Mannino jmudebate
Thu Aug 3 20:41:36 CDT 2006

Hello all. I know everyone is feverishly trying to get their pre-season research underway so I'll try to keep this brief. A recent CNN news report drew my attention to the International trend of hotels becoming more and more environmentally conscious and I was wondering how the community felt about making a deliberate effort to support "green" hotels? 
  I'm not quite certain which tournament hotels (if any) happen to be "green". But maybe it's time we as a community decided to try and be a little more eco-friendly. With tournaments in smaller cities it may be impossible to accomodate such arrangements. However, there are a number of national tournaments held in larger cities such as Atlanta, Chicago etc...where it could be more feasible to find such hotels. 
  I'm certain the main resistance to such a movement would come from tournament directors who have long-standing relationships with certain hotels and therefore are able to provide more cost-effective lodging for tournament participants. I'll concede that if the cost of changing tournament hotels would discourage smaller teams from participating, then it wouldn't necessarily be a welcomed change. On the other hand, maybe in our own way we can encourage our current debate-friendly hotels to adopt more energy-efficient means.
  Any constructive feedback would be appreciated. 

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