[eDebate] Beta testers for debate software wanted

Orion Smith smithori
Mon Aug 7 16:04:10 CDT 2006

Hi college debate,

Long time no post.  My name is Orion Smith, I debated for Michigan State
between 1997 and 2000 and for the last 5 years have been the Director of
Debate at Okemos High School in Michigan.  I am writing to attract some
folks to help me test new debate software I have been working on for the
last year and a half, which is now ready for a month or so of testing before
general release.  I'm not going to give away every detail of what I'm
working on (saving that for the general release), but I will say the

-This is web-based software that when released will be available for free to
anyone in debate.

-Because it is web-based, there are certain browser requirements.
Specifically I am trying to support IE v6.0+ for Windows, Mozilla in its
various flavors, and newer versions of Opera.  Sorry Safari users, your
browser does not yet support one of the features I need.

-There will be extensive opportunity to give feedback, and I guarantee
personal attention to every bug, suggestion or other issue raised.

-If you are a bit of a nerd about cool websites, I feel confident that you
will find this very cool.

-One of my goals is the replacement of popular commercial software used by
debaters for a very common set of tasks.

Maybe I have your interest?  Here's the URL to get started.


I have re-signed up for eDebate in order to monitor this thread, but do not
otherwise keep up with eDebate discussions.  Please feel free to backchannel
me at smithori at msu.edu for a more reliable connection.  I hope everyone's
summer goes well, see you around the Internet!

- Orion Smith -
- Director of Debate, Okemos High School -
- MIFA Debate Committee Chair, 2006-2007 -
- 2800 Jolly Road: Okemos, MI 48864 -
- Cell phone: (517)490-0376 -
- email: smithori at msu.edu -

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